About US

Different. Just like you.

Nothing perks up as much as knowing that you’re in the right outfit. Ostentatious clothing is something we all adore — and who doesn’t want to be seen in the most glorious garbs? Perhaps those who already have. Clothing is basic, so we don’t need to discuss whether or not you need them, but the types that will turn around your looks, fit the occasion, fit your body, and make you feel confident all the time.

So are you thinking about the best clothing for your birthday? Do you want a t-shirt that has your own name printed on it? How about one that has colors, titles, and perhaps logos of your beloved job printed on it? Do you think you’d look funny if some funny writing or picture is added to your shirt? Okay, that’s not a problem here at Teezland. It’s why we’re here — to ensure that your clothing needs are met. Read on.

At Teezland, we value the quality of our products, you, and our reputation. And, we’re mindful that the quality of products we dish out, plus you, are the two things that determine our reputation — so you understand that we can’t let you down.


Who We Are

Teezland is a US-based merchant that specializes in dishing out and customizing a large assortment of clothes. Our business is based in Richmond, Texas but that doesn’t limit the area we serve.

We sell a wide range of clothing and offer services like customization of the products, and timely shipping to our customers. Some of the clothes in our stores are T-shirts (for both men and women), hoodies, tank tops, and leggings, among myriads of others. We take pride in the significant number of our satisfied customers, the talents we have within our staff, our experience (10+ twelvemonths), and the fact that we also use the same products that we make to serve as an example to our customers.

Who We Serve

We’ve always served a global clientele base, and that’s what we’re still doing. Although we used to serve the United States alone in the past (sorry for that), we expanded our shipping coverage to a global scale! Every business will often start with a single step the way we did, but we’re proud of the speed at which we’ve moved up the ladder.

Our clients are of all races, ages, sizes, blah, blah blah. We have products for women, children, men, the “vertically advantaged,” and more. All you need to keep in mind while visiting our web shop is that your match is available, and we are ready to personalize it according to your preferences.


Our Management & Staff

Ann Nelson started Teezland a couple of years back. After working in a fulfillment center for 10+ years, she developed a passion for sales and distribution. Coupled with her entrepreneurial desire to be her own boss, she decided to step aside from managing the Michigan-based fulfillment center and started her own company.

We have one of the most innovative, hardworking, and time-conscious staff. Our staff dispatches orders in time, relate well with the customers, and display an unexampled sense of professionalism in all the tasks they carry out.

Our Prices

Again, you don’t have to worry about the prices of our beautiful products. We value your budget, and we need your business. So we aren’t ready to deny you value while losing your business in the name of cost. We will be the losers.

Many people associate low prices with low quality, which is very wrong. Price determinants are countless, and while quality may be one, it doesn’t have to bring a significant impact. If the quality is excellent and the price is high, there’s exploitation somewhere. At Teezland, you don’t have to break the bank to acquire the clothes of your desire. Everything is of the best quality.

Our Website

Teezland.com is our website. It would be best if you felt safe while browsing so that your personal information isn’t stolen by online fraudsters. We have protected our site so as to provide your information with a modern cipher suite encryption dubbed TLS 1.2.

To prove this further, we have a secure connection certificate that was issued to us by Let’s Encrypt Authority X3.

Therefore, you have every reason to trust in our website for security.